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COVID-SAFE Guidelines

We’re back and we’re determined to stay back!

While COVID-19 momentarily stopped us in our tracks, we are back on board with systems designed to safeguard against COVID-19.


Deep cleaned our boat.
Every surface has been washed and sanitised in preparation for reopening. We’ve also taken the opportunity to do some extra renovations, so our girl is looking mighty fine!

Completed the training.
Staff have completed the online COVID-19 Infection Control Training, provided by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Keeping our distance.
Handshakes are out, but as always, smiles are in! So, as you board and throughout your cruise we will greet you with a warm smile from a safe distance. 😊

Practicing good respiratory and hand hygiene.
Always a priority, but we now provide tissues and hand sanitiser for staff and guests.

Reducing our number of guests.
We will now limit our capacity to encourage social distancing.

Clean, clean and cleaning again.
After every cruise we will attend to cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces.

Grab your phone number.
When you book, we are requesting a name and phone number for each member of your party who is not in your household.

Stay at home if we are unwell.
If any of our staff are feeling unwell, showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19 they will stay at home.


Keep your distance.
While waiting to board, while on board and when disembarking please practice social distancing.

Sanitise your hands.
Upon boarding, please thoroughly sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided.

Practice good respiratory and hand hygiene.
We have plenty of hand sanitiser and are happy for you to use it as you need. Tissues are also provided on board for your convenience.

Provide us with your contact details.
When you book, it would be great if you could provide a name and phone number for each member of your party who is not in your household.

Stay at home if you are unwell.
If you are feeling unwell, displaying symptoms of COVID-19, have been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19 or have been tested positive for COVID-19 and following that, have not yet received a negative test result, please stay at home. You should call the National Coronavirus hotline (1800 020 080).

If you are in an ‘at risk’ group, public health advice is that you continue to stay at home.

Keep your family and friends in the loop.
If you have booked for a group of people outside your household, please encourage them to visit this page.

We can offer assigned seating
Please call if you would like assigned seating to assist with social distancing.

If in any doubt…
We are following Government Covid-Safe guidelines, however, please do not join us if you have any doubts about cruising. Your wellbeing is our priority.

That’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or drop us an email.

Stay safe and well. See you soon!

From the Team at NRCC 😊